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Project organized by “Lokomotiva” – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture – Skopje in partnership with “Faculty of things that can’t be learned” (FR~U) – Bitola/Skopje, and in collaboration with “Loud Textile Worker” – Shtip, “Freedom Square” – Skopje, and “Theater Navigator Cvetko” – Skopje.

Project period: May 2017 – July 2018.

The project “Cultural spaces for active citizens” is a result of the needs and problems faced by representatives of the civil sector in the culture and the arts, their constituents and the wider civil sector, which is the lack of public spaces, and the inaccessibility of existing ones that affects production and dissemination of relevant social content. Public spaces where the civil ideological paradigm will be produced and disseminated exist as models and they are the drivers of active citizens who knowingly act in the development of the public space. The initial idea for creating a space that is lacking in the field of contemporary performing arts Kino Kultura (developed as a project of Lokomotiva in cooperation with the Theater of the Navigator Cvetko) and its opening showed a wider need for space for production, presentation and discussion of the civil sector. Lokomotiva, following the needs, conducted research and initiated the project “Dissonant Co-spaces” where together with partners from the region deals with comparative analysis and research of public space needs for the civil sector. Through his own professional experience through this research, as well as managing Kino Kultura, Lokomotiva through this action wants to multiply it, and develop it together with the FRU partner and collaborators, not only in the area of ​​Kino Kultura, but also on three other specific spaces (Officer House in Bitola, KUC TEKSTIL in Stip and Cinema of the Railway Building in Skopje). The potential of the space, which, although small, in the Railway Building will allow a community of inhabitants to create a functional model for the use of space, and to be an example of the production of the common one. KUC Textile, which, through symbolic actions, has constituted the space for its constituents – will develop a plan how to expand its activities, and become a relevant public place. Advocacy activities around The Officer House in Bitola will produce mechanisms and instruments for advocacy that can be used as good practice and in other cases.

As the primary goal of the project, modeling of this kind of spaces where the content of the civil sector will be generated is one of the mechanisms that help the civil sector not only to have greater visibility but also greater effects.

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