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Pavilion of Republic of North Macedonia THIS BUILDING TALKS TRULY




MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF SKOPJE, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

6-16 JUNE 2019/ Prague, Czech Republic


– Performance by KRISTINA LELOVAC, every day in the Macedonian pavilion, starting from 13h

– Promotion of publication on 7th of June, 2019 with performance by TELEMAMA


Prague Quadrennial Awards 2019

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Collaborators: Kristina Lelovac, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Dragana Zarevska, Vlado Karaev, Andjela Petrovska, Violeta Kachakova, Slobodan Unkovski, Boris Bakal, Simona Dimkovska, Marija Gelmanovska, Jana Kastratovikj, Tome Dimitrievski, Ana Vilenica,, Jasmina Gjorgieva, Behar Dalipi, Ana Vasileva.

Production: Ilija Tiricovski, Gorjan Atanasov, Marko Naumovski, Sashko Poter Micevski, Aleksandar Kotevski, Stojanche Cavirovski, Vlado Dimoski, Toni Trajkovski (Constructions design dooel, Skopje), Ivancho Velkov, Membraning studio Skopje.


Erasing, hiding or ignoring the traces of collectivity, solidarity, responsibility from the collective memory of the local history is only a step towards accelerating the neoliberal worldview, which privatizes and hierarchizes all relationships in the social life. This leads to an almost unrecognizable change in the local context, influencing and transforming entire communities and different social strata as well as the entire social fabric.

In the middle of the common yard and the common cinema hall of the residential Railway Building, one question resonates: how to live better together? And the echo increasingly repeats the question in the almost ruined building, treasuring the ideas of community, responsibility and solidarity, in the middle of the captured, ruined and corrupted city. It is here that existent conflicts can open up potential ruptures for the change of the general social structure.

The Railway Residential Building in Skopje was built as a perimeter social housing block for the employees of the Railway Company in Yugoslavia and was completed in the late 40’s of the 20th century. It has its own yard, had collective laundries, which were transformed into apartments after the Skopje devastating earthquake in 1963, but also its own cinema hall as a sharing space, where at one moment 400 children watched movies.

The initiative “If buildings could talk” is a performative experience that exists from 2015 in the Railway residential building, raised by the organization Faculty of things that can’t be learned (FR~U). It develops itself by performing , i.e. it performs an active space as an aesthetic and ethical process of creating relations and bonds. Thus, the performance design is not physically built scenery, although it exists in a concrete building and a cinema hall, but is an experiential and emotional modeling by an artistic process, forming and transformative, which wants to become a caring community that will act beyond its own threshold. It carries a contemporary cross-disciplinary engaged approach that unites elements of visual and performing arts, extending their scope and framing and advocates for the preservation of the meaning of the public and the public space.

The pavilion of Republic of North Macedonia on Prague Quadrennial titled “This building talks truly” performs in size 1: 100 as a condensed experience of past activities, as a multi-time archive, which live should also tell us: If we do it here, we can do it everywhere! And this is exactly the design of the performative agonistic community.

“This building talks truly” is composed of three parts: installation with performative part, which is part of the “Exhibition of countries and regions”; short video titled “Kino Kultura”, which is part of Performance Space Architecture Exhibition „Our Theatre of the World“, and bilingual publication.

The project is supported by the City of Skopje and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia.

We would like to thank for the collaboration to: Janez Jansa (Maska, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education, Ljubljana), Mishko Zinoski (Faculty of Architecture – Skopje), Ana Vilenica, Gjorgje Kraishnik, Slobodan Kocevikj, Ivan Dzijanovski, Tome Karevski, Pavle Ignovski,, Filip Avramchev (Universal Hall – Skopje), Kino Kultura, Skopje, Cinematheque of North Macedonia.



44. MOT Festival, Skopje (13-21.09.2019)

53. BITEF, Belgrade (17-26.09.2019)